Debates on diet

Hannah ThompsonYouGovLabs and UK Public Opinion Website Editor
January 06, 2011, 12:26 AM GMT+0

In the wake of Christmas, and its attendant leanings towards excess in the form of turkey, roast potatoes and endless tins of Quality Street, not to mention the collective hangover many woke up to on New Year's Day, some of our British panellists have been debating the value of weight loss and ‘health’ programmes that the post-holiday season seems to demand (in the shape of increased gym memberships, strict diets or alcohol abstention...or all three...).

A few panellists felt that weight loss plans were a fair option for those who had the willpower.

Some panellists were certain that weight loss and New Year health plans are a waste of time.

Others felt that a more balanced, long-term approach was needed.

While some were philosophical about weight loss plans in general.

It seems health plans are a weighty issue for many…no matter what time of year it is...