Jubilant on the Jubilee

January 05, 2011, 1:51 AM GMT+0

A recent poll revealed that the Jubilee line is London’s favourite route on the London Underground network, whilst the Hammersmith and City line is least liked. The Piccadilly line is perceived to be the most reliable.

  • 18% of tube users chose the Jubilee line as their favourite line
  • Less than 1% of tube users chose the Hammersmith and City line as their favourite
  • The Piccadilly line was thought to be the most reliable, gaining 12% of tube users’ vote
  • 21% of tube users felt that no underground line could be classed as reliable

In addition to being London tube users’ favourite line, the Jubilee line also came out top when respondents were asked which line had the highest standard of trains in terms of their cleanliness, comfort and quality.

Conversely, the Circle line was thought to have the lowest standards, and also came near the bottom when tube users’ favourite lines were ranked, with only the Hammersmith and City line being less liked than the yellow lasso.

See the survey details and full results here