Halt the malt salt

November 16, 2010, 1:23 AM GMT+0

How do you like your fish and chips?

It seems lashings of vinegar are the serving suggestion of choice for many, if the comments we’ve had about a new vinegar-flavoured salt ‘solution’ to the supposed ‘problem’ of soggy chips are anything to go by. ‘Malt Salt’, an invention from American brand J&D, aims to avoid soggy chip scenarios by providing a vinegary taste without any of the apparently troublesome liquid.

But many respondents weren’t convinced.

  • Some even expressed worry that Malt Salt would be particularly unhealthy because consumers would end up adding ‘more salt’ to get the desired vinegary taste.
  • However, some felt they could be convinced if they tried it and liked what they tasted.MaltSaltYesChartIt seems it will take more than a bit of flavoured salt to halt this time-honoured British tradition among these panellists any time soon. Malt Salt: a rather ironic damp squib?