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October 20, 2010, 12:07 AM GMT+0

As Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson confirmed today that Wayne Rooney does indeed wish to leave Manchester United, after much speculation of injury, and rows between player and manager, the subsequent storm of hostility towards the player on our TellYouGov leaderboard suggests that he is not scoring highly for many of our interested panellists.

Snapshot of the 'Wayne Rooney' topic on the leaderboard

  • The volume score for the topic ‘Wayne Rooney’ has risen by 143 points to 209 in the past 24 hours, while sentiment for him has dropped by 115 to -182 points in the same time frame, and is still dropping, suggesting that many are flocking to comment negatively on the story as more details break.
  • Many users, or ‘tyggers’, who appear to believe that Rooney wants to leave the club for a higher salary elsewhere, are unimpressed and have called him a ‘brat’ and ‘an insult to the workers of this country’.
  • Accusations of being ‘spoilt’, ‘arrogant’ and ‘too big for his boots’ litter the leaderboard as many tyggers cannot believe Rooney’s 'disloyalty' at leaving Manchester United. One person said Rooney ‘needs to realise [what] made him the player he is’.
  • A couple of negative comments were from people fed up of how often Wayne Rooney is in the news, one tygger exclaimed ‘just be gone with you [Rooney]’ while another asked ‘who cares?’

  • It was not all insults for the striker though, as a couple of users did express sympathy for the hard time he is receiving: one user said they felt ‘sorry for him’ because ‘the media can be really harsh’.

Off the pitch

There has recently been intense speculation surrounding the England Striker’s future with Manchester United after he publicly denied the club’s claims that he was not fit to play matches due to an ankle injury and rumours that he and manager, Sir Alex Ferguson have not been on speaking terms for several weeks.

Sir Alex has now confirmed what some suspected; that at the moment, Rooney is intent on leaving the Premier League club when his current contract ends at the end of next season. Ferguson and admitted that Rooney’s decision had caused him ‘shock’ and left him feeling ‘disappointed’.

Looking at the still-moving numbers on TellYouGov, it seems many interested tyggers feel the same as Sir Alex, and with speculation rife that Rooney will defect to Manchester City or Real Madrid, it’s likely that Rooney will remain on our leaderboard for some time yet.

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