Germans drink more tea but there’s no milk jug in sight

Ben TobinYouGov PR Manager
May 19, 2014, 1:49 PM GMT+0

A recent YouGov International Omnibus has revealed that Germans are the most ‘tea-loving’ people in Europe, but they prefer a fruit tea to a milky cup prominent in Britain.

The study shows that nine in ten (90%) Germans say they drink tea, compared to 82% of Brits and 77% of Americans who say they do the same. However, Germans do appear to prefer ‘fruit teas’, 58% saying they drink them. Over half (56%) of respondents say they drink peppermint tea, 48% say they have herbal tea, with 32% saying Camomile and 42% saying green tea. Only 9% said they add milk to their tea.

In Britain, milk is still king when it comes to tea accompaniments. Over three quarters say they have milk with tea. Sugar is added for 18%, with males (22%) preferring this preparation method more than women (15%).

English breakfast tea is the most favoured type of tea for Britons, with 52% saying they drink it. Over a fifth (22%) say they drink Early Grey. Although not as popular as in Germany, there is still a good level of enthusiasm for fruit tea (19%), green tea (23%) and herbal tea (19%).

Elsewhere, green tea is most popular in the US, with over half (52%) drinking it. Herbal is had by a third (33%) while over a quarter (26%) say they have Earl Grey. In Sweden, Earl Grey is most popular, with 54% saying they drink it, comfortably ahead of 36% who say English breakfast tea.

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