Scots eye Commonwealth Gains

Ben TobinYouGov PR Manager
May 02, 2014, 12:45 PM GMT+0

Scottish people are optimistic that the upcoming Commonwealth Games will be good for the country in terms of both the economy and lifestyle, new research from YouGov’s Scottish Omnibus shows.

The survey reveals a belief among Scots that the 2014 Commonwealth Games will, in general, be good for the country. Six in ten (60%) think that the event will have a positive impact on Scotland, compared to just 3% who believe it will have a negative effect. Over a quarter (28%) do not think it will have any impact either way.

There is a belief that the Glasgow Games will boost the Scottish economy. While over six in ten (62%) think the event will have a positive impact economically (compared to 6% who think it will have a negative impact), over a fifth (22%) of workers believe it will have a positive impact on the business they work for. However, Scots think the biggest beneficiary will be tourism, with more than three quarters (78%) thinking the Games will boost the industry.

The study also suggests that the Games will encourage healthier lifestyles, with more than a third (34%) thinking the event will encourage Scottish people in general to be more healthy. Furthermore, two thirds (67%) believe the Games will embolden more children to take part in sports - a principal aim of the Commonwealth Games legacy.

However, although more than four in ten (43%) Scots do not have any concerns about the country hosting the Games, many people do have fears about the impact of the event. Some 42% worry that public transport will be busier during the Games, three in ten (30%) fear increased littering and just over a fifth (21%) have concerns about an increase in crime.

Lucy Bell, Marketing Manager for SMG/YouGov Edinburgh, says: ‘People always question the impact major sporting events such as the Commonwealth Games have on the host country.

The impact of sporting events extends way beyond the parameters of the sporting arena and into commerce, through sports sponsorship deals as well as an array of other business opportunities. It is evident that the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games are seen by many Scots as a golden opportunity for the country, both in economic terms and in terms of leaving a lifestyle legacy.'


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