Keep the post public

August 25, 2010, 6:36 PM GMT+0

The majority of British adults would prefer to keep the Royal Mail as a wholly publicly-owned organisation, according to recent research conducted on behalf of Ed Balls’s Labour Leadership Campaign and the Communication Workers Union.

60% of the public would oppose any move to privatise the Royal Mail, a finding which directly runs against the Government’s plans to sell off almost half of the state-owned company in a Postal Services Bill expected when Parliament reconvenes in the autumn. There is support for keeping the postal company public across the political spectrum, with a majority of Conservative supporters (51%), Labour supporters (69%) and Liberal Democrat supporters (63%) in opposition to any attempts at privatisation.

Only 13% would favour the option currently being proposed by the Government – to sell a minority stake in the Royal Mail to a private investor. Interestingly, a slightly larger proportion would support total privatisation (15%), of which 24% vote Conservative, 11% Labour and 13% Liberal Democrat.
And with the Government expected to introduce private investment into the British institution from this autumn, it looks like it will face stiff opposition if it tries to send off the Post.

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