Liberal Democrats hit 12%

Anthony WellsHead of European Political and Social Research
August 02, 2010, 7:46 PM GMT+0

Our latest voting intention figures for the Sunday Times have the Liberal Democrats at 12%, their lowest level of support since 2007 when the party removed Menzies Campbell as leader, and a halving of their support since the General Election. While this extreme low may turn out to be a blip, it is symptomatic of a collapse in Liberal Democrat support since the election. In our daily polling, they are now consistently polling in the 12%-15% range.

The beneficiary of their drop in support has largely been the Labour party. While both Labour and the Conservatives are up on their General Election support, Labour has risen more, presumably as left-leaning Liberal Democrat voters unhappy with the Coalition deal have switched to the Labour party.

Our latest figures show the Labour party at 38%, within four points of the Conservatives on 42%. On a uniform swing this would leave the Conservatives just short of a majority with 313 seats, but with Labour quite close behind on 299 and the Liberal Democrats reduced to just 12.

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