Infographics: China's love for London and Obama

William JordanUS Elections Editor
November 26, 2013, 9:30 AM GMT+0

Illustrating new surveys of China's online population, infographics from YouGov China show how would-be Chinese travellers love London (but prefer Paris) and think President Obama is the best

During April of this year, YouGov China conducted a series of surveys that reveal what the Chinese online population think and feel, both about their own lives in East Asia and about the rest of the world. In the wide-ranging research, this important segment of China's one-billion-plus population emerge bullish about China's future in the global economy, positive about a key economic competitor (the US), and eager to travel abroad, in particular to European and Middle Eastern metropolises like Paris and Dubai.

Travel Plans

Just last month, while on a trip to China, Chancellor George Osborne announced a relaxation of visa restrictions aimed at making it easier for Chinese tourists to come to the UK, and, some have said, shrinking France's lead in attracting Chinese tourism (last year Chinese tourists heading to The Hexagon outnumbered UK visitors by more than 5-to-1). France is simplifying its own process even further, so that Chinese visitors will only need to wait two days, but YouGov's research suggests they have another key asset: Paris.

Click image to view full China Travel infographic

International Relations

But it was the United States that topped the list in YouGov China's Around the World Survey, which asked Chinese netizens which countries and world leaders they admired the most.

Despite the (perhaps tenuous) role of the United States as the world's reigning superpower and despite historical differences between the two countries, 27% of China's online population admire the United States most out of any country, and 31% admire Barack Obama more than any other leader. More would still rather live in France than America, however.

Click image to view full China: Around the World Survey infographic

It's the Economy...

And while many economists have predicted the Chinese economy is in for a slowdown next year, the nation's online population remains largely optimistic.

While the British public may be more positive than they've been in years – a three-year high of 17% of British people called the state of the economy 'good' in YouGov's most recent survey – they remain mostly pessimistic; meanwhile, in China, fully 71% of the online population think the economy is on the right track, and a wide majority think their economy will be a stronger global power in five years.

Click image to view full Entrepreneurship & the Economy in China infographic

David Cameron will lead a trade delegation to China in December, seeking closer ties with the world's second-largest economy. The Autumn Statement setting out the governments spending and tax proposals, originally scheduled for December 4th, has been pushed back 24 hours to accomodate the trip to China.

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