U.S. Shutdown Tracker

William JordanUS Elections Editor
October 10, 2013, 8:03 AM GMT+0

Since the beginning of the shutdown YouGov has been asking 1000 Americans a day who they think is the biggest obstacle to bringing it to an end. Here are the latest results:

The number of Americans who have been affected by the shutdown – which has resulted in the closure of national parks and monuments, the furlough of around 800,000 federal employees, and other disruptions – continues to rise.

Up two points from the previous week, 20% of Americans now say the shutdown has impacted their lives.

The number who say Republicans in Congress are the biggest obstacle to ending the shutdown has not changed, however, and at 44% is still higher than the number who finger either President Barack Obama or Democrats in Congress, which is down one point from Friday, now at 41%.

This comes after a weekend during which Republican Speaker of the House John A. Boehner said it was time for his party to 'stand and fight' and U.S. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew warned Republicans were 'playing with fire' by threatening not to raise the country's borrowing limit without concessions from President Obama and his fellow Democrats. American borrowing is set to reach its legal limit in seven days, and if the limit is not raised the United States risks defaulting on its debts – something economists around the world have warned could be catastrophic for the global economy.

We will be watching closely in the coming days for any shifts in public attitude.

This tracker will be updated daily.

View the full tracker results here.

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