NHS should be exempt from cuts

June 14, 2010, 10:23 PM GMT+0

The government is seeking advice from the British public on where it thinks cuts to public spending should be made. In a YouGov survey commissioned by the Sun newspaper, the British public have made it clear where they think these cuts should be made.

For the majority of Brits (61%) international aid is the number one area that should be targeted for cuts, topping a list of 15 areas and coming ahead of welfare benefits for people of a working age (47%), and pensions for public-sector workers at (26%) in second and third place respectively.

Among Conservative, Lib Dem and Labour supporters, we see that there is significantly more Conservatives (72%) supporting a reduction in government spending on foreign aid, compared to Labour supporters (56%) and Lib Dems (52%).

The NHS came top in areas that should be exempt from the impending spending cuts, with 67% of the vote, while state pensions came in second with 53% and crime and policing came third with 52%.

With the emergency budget pencilled in for the 22nd of June, the sectors destined for the Government’s chopping block remain a mystery. What we do know, however, is that, according to the Prime Minister, the measures to deal with the nations deficit will be unavoidably tough.

Survey details and full results