Organic too expensive for most consumers

August 29, 2013, 9:19 AM GMT+0

Consumers with a conscience?

Over half (54%) of UK adults believe that the conservation of resources is a priority, however only around one in 25 believes that organic farming is a priority.

Expensive organics

When asked about food-related terminology, nearly all (91%) UK consumers are familiar with and understand what organic means. Awareness of organic choices outstrips that of Fairtrade across nearly all categories, with the exception of hot beverages and sugar.

The majority (60%) of respondents associate organic foods with the word ‘expensive’, and fewer (53%) make the tie with ‘pesticide free’ or ‘GM free’. Older consumers tend to regard organic food and drink more positively than younger respondents. Over a third (35%) would buy more organic foods if they could afford it. Generally, higher-income (ABC1) consumers are more likely to see the benefits of buying organics than other demographic groups.

Justifying the premium

Only 15% of UK adults say that their purchasing decisions are influenced by whether products are organic, however four in 10 (41%) buy organic when products are on special offer or reduced.

Meanwhile, nearly half (49%) of consumers buy organic food or drink at least once in every four shopping occasions.

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