BlackBerry's uncertain future creates social media hype

On Monday, the mobile phone manufacturer, BlackBerry, announced that it is setting up a committee to explore different options for its business, which could include selling the company.

The company has failed to resonate with consumers in recent years. This has heavily impacted the company financially, which has seen around $78bn wiped off its value in the last five years.

Using YouGov’s social media analysis tool, SoMA, we can see the impact of this news on social media. On Monday we can see that 40.5% of UK Twitter users were exposed to a mention of BlackBerry compared to just 3.9% the previous day.

On Facebook there was a similar uplift, with 2.7% of UK users having been exposed to a mention of the brand on Monday, compared to 0.64% the previous day.

It is also interesting to note the different demographic audiences that were exposed to BlackBerry on Twitter and Facebook.

On Twitter we know that of those that heard about the phone manufacturer, 64% were male, 19% were from the North and 12% were aged 18-24. In comparison, of those that heard about BlackBerry on Facebook, 66% were male, 26% were from the North and 2% were aged 18-24.

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