Back to work for Will and Kate

July 24, 2013, 11:30 AM GMT+0

The public want Will and Kate to return to their duties, rather than giving them up to spend more time with their baby

Now that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have had their baby boy, they will be trying to give their child as normal an upbringing as possible. But, of course, royal normal is not quite the same as normal. YouGov research for the Sunday Times finds that the public think the Duke and Duchess should return to their duties soon, just like anybody else.

The majority (69%) of British adults think it is fair for Prince William to take paternity leave from his role as a Flight Lieutenant in the RAF, but 72% also say he should “return to his RAF role” rather than giving it up “to spend more time with the baby.” Only 5% say he should give up the role, but 23% “don’t know or don’t care.”

When it comes to the baby’s mother, Catherine, the majority (56%) say she should “return to carrying out royal duties” rather than giving them up to spend more time with the baby. Compared to William, however, more (20%) think she should give up her royal duties. Again, 25% “don’t know or don’t care.”

As soon as the couple left St Mary’s hospital, Paddington, a Royal aide confirmed what the papers had assumed: there are no immediate plans to hire a nanny. The public, however, are not so decided, as 38% say they should hire one and 37% say they should not. 25%, however, “don’t know or don’t care.”

In line with public expectation, Prince William will take two week’s statutory paternity leave from the RAF, and will be paid £136.78 per week. He has been on annual leave for the last week, as was his father Prince Charles who also broke royal tradition to be with his wife Princess Diana for the birth of their children.

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