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June 05, 2013, 8:17 AM GMT+0

Chinese and Indian takeaways are three to four times more popular than fish and chips – and bacon is Britain's most popular fry-up ingredient by far

Last year the average British household spent £2,467 on takeaways, according to The Sun. But what did they spend it on? YouGov asks the nation to choose which one type of cuisine would be their first choice for a night in.

The Chinese takeaway stands out as Britain’s favourite, with a third (34%) saying it would be their first choice. The Indian is next on Britain’s fast-food list, as a quarter (26%) say takeaway curry is best. Italian is most preferable to one in ten, but British takeaways, which include the iconic fish and chips, are only first choice for 9% of the population – making them three to four times less popular than Chow Mein and Chapatti, and favoured by fewer than those who say they would “never order takeaway food” (11%).

YouGov also asked the public what they would include in their “ideal cooked breakfast”, and fry-up ingredients are the top choice for most. The ideal fry-up, with ingredients favoured by a majority of the population, would include bacon (selected by 69%), toast (59%), mushrooms (58%) and sausages (58%). But there’d barely be room on the plate for up-market ingredients, like muffins (7%) and salmon (also 7%).

According to The Telegraph, six out of ten meals prepared in British households in 2009 were “derived from foreign culinary traditions”. And British tastes for home-cooked food have, they say, evolved particularly to favour French and Italian dishes.

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