Clegg joins the leaderboard ranks

April 15, 2010, 7:02 PM GMT+0

Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg’s steady climb up the TellYouGov leaderboard saw him peak at third place in volume yesterday (at +29 points), witnessing an increase of 135 generally positive ‘tygs’, in just 24 hours. Edging out previously-ahead celebrity figures Katie Price and Lady Gaga, Clegg has followed his political rivals up the leaderboard at a time when the election is still completely monopolising the top four spots. At the time of writing, Clegg is still in fourth place, and although his volume score is falling fast, he and fellow Liberal Democrat Vince Cable remain the only politicians on the entire board with positive, albeit small, scores overall (76 and 29 respectively).

Clegg’s Monday night BBC interview with Jeremy Paxman has arguably been instrumental in catalysing the political outsider’s jump up the leaderboard; since the interview, the volume of ‘tygs’, coming in about the Liberal Democrat has been impressive.

One ‘tygger’ stated that Clegg gave a ‘good solid performance’ on the Paxman interview while another claimed that he was ‘growing stronger and more likeable by the day’. In fact, as it stands at the moment, Nick Clegg, his Shadow Chancellor Vince Cable - who also saw a leaderboard jump following his widely well-received performance on the Channel 4 debate ‘Ask the Chancellors’ - and the Liberal Democrat party, are the only topics enjoying positive points in the upper echelons of the TellYouGov political leaderboard, taking the top three positions with scores of 29, 76 and 13 points respectively.

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