Public Harsher on Huhne than Pryce

April 27, 2013, 1:00 PM GMT+0

Nearly four in ten say a May release for Chris Huhne would be too early – but less than a third say the same about Vicky Pryce

The ex-Minister Chris Huhne and his former wife Vicky Pryce are expected to be released on electronic tags in May, after serving just a quarter of their eight months sentences for perverting the court of justice when Pryce took licence points for then husband’s 2003 speeding offence.

Nearly four in ten (38%) say a two-month sentence for Mr Huhne is “too short”; less than a third (30%) want a longer sentence for his former wife however.

More surprising though are the numbers who say two months are “about right” for the former couple: 43% are happy to see Mr Huhne released in May while 44% feel the same about Ms Pryce.

Remarkably, the shortening of the sentence has only changed the mood by 1%: last month 44% and 45% thought they shouldn’t be released until September.