Peroni positions itself as an upmarket beer

April 24, 2013, 1:31 PM GMT+0

In an attempt to maintain Peroni’s status as an upmarket brand, bosses of the Italian beer have told the owners of the Crown Hotel in Skegness that the area is not chic enough for them to allow the hotel to sell Peroni on tap.

After visiting the Crown Hotel, Miller Brands, which sells Peroni in the UK said that the area didn’t fit with the brand. A spokesman from Miller Brands said that “it’s just about making sure we have the right brand in the right place."

Using YouGov’s brand perception tool, BrandIndex, we can gauge how successful Peroni has been in positioning itself as one of Britain’s more posh pints.

If we start at the broadest level – the UK-wide Index score (a composite of six key image attributes) we can see that Peroni has an Index score of 13.6 – a very respectable standing.

However, if we cut the data by household income, we can see that the Index scores begin to differ.

Peroni has an Index score of 10.5 amongst those with a household income of £15000-£19999, compared to a score 21.7 for those with a household income of £50k plus.

Furthermore, if we cut the data by social grade we also see noticeable differences. Peroni has an Index score of 16.8 amongst those classified as ABC1 (white collar workers), compared to an Index score of 10.1 amongst those classified as C2DE (blue collar workers).

As Peroni implements its strategy of carefully selecting where its beer can be sold, YouGov’s BrandIndex indicates that the brand is succeeding in positioning itself as an upmarket beer.

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