Vince Cable's dramatic TellYouGov climb

March 31, 2010, 10:50 PM GMT+0

Vince Cable has emerged as a new rising star on the TellYouGov (Tygga) leaderboard. The 29th March saw the Liberal Democrat Shadow Chancellor pitted against his Conservative and Labour rivals on Channel 4’s ‘Ask the Chancellors’ live televised debate and people have been using our unique platform to make their voice heard about his performance ever since.

One ‘tygger’ noted that Cable: ‘Stood out head and shoulders above the other two in Monday’s debate’, while another posited that while he had ‘never voted for the Lib Dems before’, he was considering it after seeing the debate, and another said that he was ‘the Chancellor that never was.’ Another went further to declare that come the election, Cable ‘should be Chancellor in a hung parliament government’.

Cable’s respectable +148 points sees the 67 year-old MP for Twickenham jump 100 points to usurp the flamboyant performer, Lady Gaga, from 3rd place. Lady Gaga has since reclaimed her crown, but Cable’s score still makes him the most positively talked about politician ever on the Tygga leaderboard.

Comparing Cable’s approval rating with his political rivals, Alistair Darling and George Osborne, TellYouGov shows us that their approval stands at -31 points and a massive -123 points respectively; significantly more negative than Cable.
However, while the live debates have most certainly been good for the approval rating of Cable and the Lib Dems., it seems that securing election may still be a bridge too far. One tygger scoffed that ‘you can be as populist as you like when you are not getting elected’, and another dismissed him as just having ‘the gift of the gab’, giving currency to what the polls would suggest is still a two horse race.

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