Labour most popular party for NHS

March 18, 2010, 10:53 PM GMT+0

Despite losing ground on many other issues, our political trackers show that the British people still see Labour as the best party to manage the NHS, beating the Conservatives with each successive poll.

However, they should not be too complacent with their lead. The beauty of daily polling means we can gauge change over time; and the polls show a general decrease in public confidence on the issue. On the 7th-8th March, 34% of people trusted Labour the most on health, but a week later, this figure was at 31%. In contrast, the Conservatives and Lib Dem made up some ground, represented with a one and two percentage point increase respectively over the same period.

With the economy at the forefront of many people’s minds, other issues have seemingly taken a backseat of late. But at present, the public’s sentiments on the issue of asylum and immigration present the most notable results, currently showing the biggest gap between Labour and the Conservatives (at 24 percentage points down, Labour is on 15% while the Conservatives are on 39%) than about any other issue.

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