Facebook facelift

William JordanUS Elections Editor
March 08, 2013, 10:08 AM GMT+0

Facebook announced a major redesign of its News Feed yesterday, which aims to reduce clutter with bigger pictures and special sections for music, friends and news. CEO Mark Zuckerberg said he would like the feed to become more like a "personalised newspaper."

Tech commentators quickly pointed out the new format’s similarities to sites like Twitter and Google+.

Owen Thomas of Business Insider said, “A subtle aspect of the redesign, which could make the site far more valuable to users and advertisers, is the ability to see all updates from friends and brands you follow. This makes Facebook a far more direct competitor to Twitter when people want to know what's happening now(...)"

Meanwhile, plenty of Twitter users pointed out how similar the new feed looked to Google’s social network, Google+. Samantha Murphy of social media news hub Mashable said the new Facebook feed sections are unique in giving users “more control”, but ceded, “Looking at the designs side by side, the similarities [between the new Facebook News Feed and Google+] are obvious(...)"

Do you use Facebook, Twitter or Google +? What do you use them for?


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