1 in 10 are Alpha Mums

March 08, 2013, 10:04 AM GMT+0

Nearly one in 10 (9.3%) British mothers can be classified as ‘Alpha Mums’, according to a recent YouGov SixthSense report.

The market intelligence report found that Alpha Mums have an above average drive ‘to succeed in every aspect’ of their life (32% versus 25% of all mothers), and are more career focused than other working mothers; 43% of Alpha Mums (versus 27% of all working mothers) say ‘my work is a career not just a job’.

Great expectations

Just over half (51%) of Alpha Mums (versus 46% of all mothers) agree with the statement ‘my priority in life is to make sure my children achieve’. Nearly eight in 10 (78%) say their children do at least one activity outside school/nursery (versus 69% of mothers whose children attend out-of-school/nursery activities), with over a quarter (27%) reporting that their kids take part in three activities or more.

Far more Alpha Mums (70%) with children aged 11+ expect their children to do schoolwork in their free time, versus 57% of all mothers with children of this age.

Life – not just as a mum

Alpha Mums are significantly more likely than other mothers to watch what they eat, to exercise regularly and to say ‘I make sure I always look good’. Over a quarter (27% versus 21% of all mothers) of Alpha Mums say they make sure they ‘always look good’. A third of Alpha Mums (33%) exercise regularly, compared to only a quarter (25%) of other mothers.

They are generally more likely than other mothers to socialise, which links with the fact that over a third (34%) say they have enough money to spend whatever they want on their own leisure pursuits, versus only 13% of all mothers.

Alpha Mums’ weak spot?

While the assumption may be that having an immaculate home is part of being an Alpha Mum, they are the most likely to claim they never have time to clean.

Over half (52% versus 47% of all mothers) disagree that ‘it is important to me that my home looks immaculate’. Just over a quarter (26%) of Alpha Mums say they spend a good deal of time thinking about how their home looks, compared to 32% of other mothers, while 56% (versus 49% of other mothers) agree ‘I never have time to clean’.

Commenting on the report findings, YouGov SixthSense Research Director James McCoy said: “From excelling in their careers, to rearing high-achieving children, the type of mothers we call ‘Alpha Mums’ are characterised by a drive to do it all. However, regardless of their drive there is only so much time in the day, and this study reveals that one area where Alpha Mums have decided to spend less time is keeping up with housework. Modern British mothers need to set priorities, and for some maintaining a pristine house is not one of them.”

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