Keir Starmer favourability rises 8pts following election victory

Matthew SmithHead of Data Journalism
July 09, 2024, 11:58 AM GMT+0

Ed Davey’s ratings have now ascended into overall net favourability

With Labour’s expect landslide election victory now a reality, YouGov’s first favourability survey following voting day finds Keir Starmer’s favourable rating has ticked up by eight points.

The new prime minister is now on the cusp of having a positive net favourability rating, with only marginally more Britons having a negative view of the Labour leader (47%) than a positive one (44%).

The only party leader who actually can currently boast a positive net favourability rating currently is Ed Davey. As YouGov noted at the end of the election campaign, the Liberal Democrat leader’s popularity had increased the most out of any of the party leaders, and has continued to do so in recent days. One in three Britons (34%) have a favourable view of Davey, compared to 29% with an unfavourable view, leaving him with a net favourability rating of +5.

That said, despite his best efforts, more than a third of Britons (37%) still do not have an opinion on the Lib Dem leader, putting him in a secondary tier of political fame to Starmer, Sunak and Farage.

The worst Conservative defeat in history has not adversely affected Rishi Sunak’s favourability ratings, which had possibly already reached their floor during the campaign. The former prime minister’s worst score came on 21 June, with 75% of the public having a negative view of him and only 18% a positive view. In our last poll prior to polling day his ratings post-election were marginally better, at 20% positive and 73% negative, figures which remain effectively unchanged following the outcome of the vote: 23% positive and 70% negative.

The Conservative party’s own post-election ratings are likewise similar to those from immediately prior to voting day, with 72% having an unfavourable view of the Tories (-1) compared to 21% with a favourable view (+2).

As with their leader, the Labour party’s ratings have also ticked upwards, with the party now (barely) into net positive ratings. Almost half (47%) have a favourable view of the party, up five points from pre-election, while a similar number have an unfavourable view (46%, down three).

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