Rishi Sunak now less popular than Corbyn and Johnson ever were

Matthew SmithHead of Data Journalism
June 21, 2024, 8:43 AM GMT+0

The prime minister's net favourability rating hits another record low

With Rishi Sunak on course to lead the party to its worst ever election defeat, according to our MRP, a new YouGov survey shows that his own personal favourability is also plumbing new depths.

Two polls in the last seven days have found fully three quarters of Britons (75%) with an unfavourable view of the prime minister, the highest we have ever recorded. Just 19% have a favourable view of Sunak, giving him a net favourability score of -56, again, the worst we have ever seen for him.

Most 2019 Conservative voters have a negative view of the prime minister (56%), and even one in five who currently intend to vote for his party aren’t fans (22%).

Rishi Sunak is now even less popular than Jeremy Corbyn was at his lowest ebb. The Labour leader’s worst net score came in the summer of 2019, reaching -55, although slightly more have a negative view of Sunak now (75%) than did of Corbyn then (71%).

He also scores worse than Boris Johnson, whose worst ever score came in early July 2022, shortly before his resignation. Johnson had been unpopular with 72% of Britons at that point, with a net favourability score of -53.

It will doubtless be little consolation to Rishi Sunak that he has not yet reached Liz Truss’s record low score of -70 at the end of her very short tenure.

Opinion towards the Conservative party closely mirrors that towards its leader, with just 20% having a favourable view of the Tories compared to 73% with an unfavourable one.

Keir Starmer continues to be far less unpopular than the man whose job he is on course to take. Nevertheless, the 39% of Britons with a favourable view of the Labour leader are still outnumbered by the 52% who have an unfavourable view, giving a net score of -13.

The Labour party fares slightly better than its leader in public opinion terms, with a net favourability score of -6: 43% have a positive view of the party and 49% a negative one.

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