Sunak favourability ticks up after election announcement

Matthew SmithHead of Data Journalism
May 25, 2024, 10:05 AM GMT+0

2019 Conservative voters in particular are now more likely to have become more positive towards the prime minister

While our first voting intention poll to be conducted following the election announcement has not shown any significant movement, our favourability tracker has shown that Rishi Sunk has seen a slight improvement in his ratings.

That still leaves him with a mountain to climb – the five point increase in the number of people who have a favourable view of Sunak since mid-May still only brings his positive rating up to 25%. Two thirds of Britons (67%) continue to have a negative opinion of Sunak, leaving him with a net favourability rating of -42.

Among 2019 Conservative voters the increase is more notable still. Half (49%) now have a positive view of Sunak (up nine points) compared to 47% who have a negative one (down seven).

Attitudes towards the Conservative party have also slightly improved – 24% now have a positive view of the Tories (up four) while 68% have a negative view (down one). As with Sunak, those who voted for the Conservatives in 2019 have become notably more positive towards the party, with favourable opinion rising ten points to 55% and unfavourable opinion falling seven points to 40%.

By contrast Keir Starmer and Labour’s favourability ratings remain largely unchanged. One in three (34%) have a favourable view of the Labour leader (no change) while 53% have a negative view of him (up two), giving Starmer a net favourability score of -19.

Labour meanwhile continue to be liked by 42% (no change) and disliked by 48% (up one), for a net score of -6.

See the full results here

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