London 2024 mayoral race: Khan 47%, Hall 25%

Matthew SmithHead of Data Journalism
April 30, 2024, 1:58 PM GMT+0

Londoners are divided on Khan’s record, even as he looks set to be re-elected

YouGov’s latest poll ahead of the London mayoral election on Thursday shows Labour incumbent Sadiq Khan with a 22pt lead over Tory challenger Susan Hall.

Fieldwork was conducted among 1,192 adults in London on 24-30 April, with the vast majority of responses gathered on 24-27 April.

Currently, 47% of those saying they intend to vote in the London election say they will back Khan, compared to 25% for Hall.

These results are similar to our prior poll in mid-April, which had Khan on 46% to Hall’s 27%.

Khan holds double-digit leads in both inner London and outer London. In inner London he leads Hall by 54% to 17%, and in outer London by 43% to 30%.

Susan Hall has not made her mark in the nine months since she has been selected. Now, on the very cusp of the election, fully 44% of Londoners answer “don’t know” when asked what they think of her.

Those who do hold a view tend to be negative (34%), compared to 22% who say they have a favourable view of Hall.

While Sadiq Khan’s victory looks assured, he is nevertheless unpopular overall, with 46% having an unfavourable view of the mayor versus 38% a favourable one. Londoners are divided on his record to date, with 41% saying he has done a good job and 45% saying he has done a bad job.

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