Khan net favourability at -12 in London, while Susan Hall is still unknown to most

Matthew SmithHead of Data Journalism
August 22, 2023, 7:25 AM GMT+0

Jeremy Corbyn, reportedly mulling an independent candidacy, is less popular than the Labour incumbent

A new YouGov survey of Londoners finds that Sadiq Khan’s net popularity stands at -12, with 40% having a favourable view of the mayor and 52% an unfavourable one.

Among those who voted for Labour nationally in 2019, 62% have a favourable view of Khan, compared to 33% with an unfavourable view.

New Conservative mayoral candidate Susan Hall is still unknown to most Londoners (57%). One in five have a positive view of her, while 21% have a negative view.

Among 2019 Conservative voters, Hall is seen favourably by 49% and unfavourably by 9%.

As many people have a favourable view of Keir Starmer as do Sadiq Khan: 40%. Fewer have an unfavourable view (44%) of Starmer, with the difference being more people saying “don’t know” (16%, compared to 9% for Khan).

Rishi Sunak is far less popular, with only 26% having a favourable view of him. Approaching two thirds (64%) say they have an unfavourable view.

In recent weeks, Jeremy Corbyn has said that he might consider running as an independent candidate in next year’s mayoral elections.

The former leader is, however, less popular in London than the man whose job he would be challenging, and indeed the man who succeeded him in his previous job. One in three Londoners (33%) have a favourable view of Jeremy Corbyn, and 55% an unfavourable one.

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