Techno beauty products

October 19, 2012, 1:44 PM GMT+0

Techno Beauty Products: A cheaper alternative to beauty salons?

Techno beauty products is a new term used to describe electrical beauty products which are designed to obtain better performance benefits from the beauty routine. The market includes shavers, epilators and anti-ageing devices.

The category is emerging and has yet to gain widespread awareness amongst consumers. Shaver and epilator brands had the greatest awareness amongst consumers, reflecting the fact that these types of electrical products have been on the market a lot longer than the newer, cleansing, anti-ageing and body buffer devices.

The Braun Silk-épil, which holds a leading position within the epilator market, is the most known brand with 50% of women having heard of it. Slendertone Face has fairly high awareness (23%), probably because women are familiar with the Slendertone name which is long associated with body toning devices. Philips is a long-established name in shavers and epilators and its Satinelle epilator is recognised by 14% of women.

Across the board, ownership of techno beauty products is very low, even for Braun Silk-épil, of which the majority of women were aware. Some 13% of women used the product, although others own the product and no longer use it, perhaps moving onto a newer model or system. The findings suggest that women may own a techno beauty product, but do not necessarily use it. This is true of brands such as Avon Solutions Power Cleanser and Vibes and Rio Scanning, the light hair-removal device.

When it comes to satisfaction among owners of techno beauty products, 51% think the device is very effective, and 50% think it has saved them money. The high level of positive responses suggests that those who own a techno beauty product are pleased with their performance and cost-saving in comparison to going to a beauty salon. Only 5% of owners claim that their device is too expensive.

However, a significant minority are unhappy with their product and have stopped using it after the novelty wore off (13%) or because they don’t think it works as well as ordinary beauty products (16%).

Techno beauty product brands face a great deal of resistance from 40% of women who regard such products as ‘gimmicky’ and would not want to spend money on them. A further 14% of women like the sound of them, but think they’re probably too expensive.

The findings suggest that manufacturers and retailers still have a substantial job ahead in educating and informing consumers about the benefits of using techno beauty products and how they can be potentially be a cheaper alternative to the beauty salon.

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