Dominic Raab’s popularity falls to -57 amid bullying inquiry

Joanna MorrisData Journalist
February 03, 2023, 3:50 PM GMT+0

Latest favourability tracker findings show ratings dropping for all Tory figures

Deputy prime minister Dominic Raab, who is currently facing an official inquiry after being accused of abusing civil servants, is viewed favourably by just 11% of the British public while nearly seven in ten people (68%) have an unfavourable opinion of him.

That gives the deputy prime minister a net favourability rating of -57, a drop of 9 points since the last time we asked about him in December.

Rishi Sunak’s ratings continue to fall

It is not just the deputy PM who has seen his popularity fall in recent weeks – Rishi Sunak is now the most unpopular he’s been since taking the reins as prime minister just over 100 days ago.

Around three in ten people (28%) still think favourably of Sunak, though twice as many see him in an unfavourable light (60%).

That means his net favourability rating now stands at -34, down significantly from -19 in November, shortly after he became prime minister.

Conservative voters are divided over whether or not they view the party favourably

Despite his falling ratings, Sunak remains more popular than his party. Overall, the Conservative party currently has a net favourability rating of -49, with seven in ten Britons (70%) now saying they hold an unfavourable view of the party.

And at 46% favourable to 49% unfavourable, Conservative voters themselves are divided on their view of the party. Two weeks ago Tory voters had been in favour of the party by 49% to 44%; this latest net score of -3 is approaching the party’s worst it was during the dying days of Liz Truss’s administration (-7).

While ratings for Labour currently stand at -12, the opposition party continues to be viewed significantly more favourably than the Conservatives.

However, half of Britons (51%) now say they hold an unfavourable view of Labour’s Keir Starmer, up from 46% the month before.

Around four in ten people (38%) think of him favourably, meaning Starmer’s net favourability rating is now -15, down from -8 in January.

Nevertheless he remains the senior politician viewed most favourably by the public.