First poll of 2023 shows Rishi Sunak favourability at -29

Peter RavenData Journalist
January 20, 2023, 10:04 AM GMT+0

Three in five Britons now have an unfavourable opinion of the Conservative leader

As Rishi Sunak approaches his first 100 days as prime minister, a new YouGov survey reveals that three in five Britons (60%) now view him unfavourably, including 34% who see him very unfavourably.

Sunak’s popularity has fallen since becoming leader with the continuing cost of living crisis and intense pressure on the NHS.

Following a boost to his favourability ratings when he was confirmed as prime minister, Sunak’s net favourability score has fallen by 20 points from -9 on 24-25 October, when he accepted King Charles III's invitation to form a government, to -29 now.

The popularity of Sunak among Conservative voters has also fallen during his time in office, with 41% having an unfavourable view of their party’s leader, up from 30% when he became prime minister back in October. Half (51%) continue to have a positive view of the PM.

Sunak, however, isn’t as unpopular as his party among the British public with only 22% having a favourable opinion of the Conservatives compared to 67% who don’t, giving a net score of -45.

Labour leader Keir Starmer continues to be less unpopular than his Conservative rivals, with 38% of people liking him and 46% disliking him, a net score of -8.

The public have a similar opinion of Labour as a whole, with 40% having a favourable opinion of the party compared to 47% who don’t, a net score of -7.

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