Voting Intention: Con 29%, Lab 40% (6-7 July)

July 08, 2022, 7:37 AM GMT+0

Latest YouGov Westminster voting intention figures

"We're actually only a handful of points behind in the polls" Boris Johnson proclaimed in his resignation speech yesterday. Unbeknownst to the prime minister, the latest YouGov/Times voting intention poll - conducted on 6-7 July, with fieldwork closing shortly before the first reports emerged that Johnson had decided to resign - showed that this was very much not the case.

The results show Labour's lead has grown to 11 points over the Conservative - more than two handfuls of points - with the opposition taking 40% of the vote (+4 from our previous survey on 28-29 June) to the Conservatives' 29% (-4). The fieldwork was conducted on 6-7 July, will all responses gathered prior to the prime minister's resignation on Thursday morning.

Elsewhere, the Liberal Democrats have 15% of the vote (+2), while the Greens have 6% (no change) and Reform UK have 3% of the vote (also no change).

In our "best prime minister" question, Keir Starmer's lead grows from six points last week to seventeen points now, with the Labour leader seen as the superior choice by 37% (+4) compared to 20% for Boris Johnson (-7). Some 40% are unsure.

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