The doors of power – which one are you most curious to look behind?

August 07, 2012, 12:40 PM GMT+0

If you had a free pass to see inside one of the world’s power centres, which one would you choose?

Would you like to watch Barack Obama take historical decisions one minute, and perhaps pack lunches for Malia and Sasha the next?

Or would you rather see inside a less prominent official residence, such as Inkognitogata 18, the official residence of the prime minister of Norway?

No doubt a look inside Maximos Mansion, the Greek prime minister’s official seat, would make for some interesting observation at this time – but which prospect spiked your curiosity, and why?

In YouGov’s PoliticsLab, we invited you to tell us which official residence’s front door you would most like to glimpse behind.

The highest proportion of those who took part in the debate said they would want to look behind the door of Number 10 Downing Street, the official residence of the prime minister of the United Kingdom.

  • Those who chose No 10 said they would like the chance to get an unfiltered glimpse at the centre of power, and to see how David Cameron is in his private time as opposed to how he is presented in the media
  • You also said you wanted to gain an insight into how the decisions that impact the country are made.
  • Other participants said they wanted to see inside No 10 because of its rich history as the residence of 88 Prime Ministers, starting with Robert Walpole in 1730.

Participants’ second choice was to see behind the door of the White House, the official resident of the president of the United States of America.

  • You told us that the appeal of seeing inside the White House was to watch the most powerful person in the world at work, and gain an insight into how the most powerful country in the world is run.

The third choice for those who took part in the debate was to look behind the door of the Kremlin, the official residence of the president of Russia.

  • For those of you who most wanted to see inside the Kremlin, it was the residence’s intrigue and rich history that made it enticing.
  • The Moscow Kremlin, a fortified complex that consists of four palaces and four cathedrals, has been continuously inhabited since the second century BC, and has been the home of Tsars, Soviet dictators, and is today the official residence of Vladimir Putin.

Click on the headings below to see the range of comments made by panellists in Labs:

Q: If you had the chance to look behind the front door of one national leader’s residence, which one would you choose?

'I would like to look behind the door of Number 10 Downing Street'

I would like to see it, as it would be interesting to see how many British prime ministers since the buildings construction have walked through its hallways, sat in its chairs, and signed official documents in the offices. Plus, it would be a good experience to see what living like the prime minister would be likeAndrew L, Manchester

To find out how power operates in this country without the filter of the mediaAnon

I would be curious to see how genuine David Cameron, Nick Clegg and others are, and also what the current burning issues are for the Cabinet. Are they the same as the rest of us or as portrayed by the media?Anon

To find out how decisions in the UK are actually made and who has the most influence, ministers or civil servantsA Williams, Teesside

I would like to see how our politicians govern and whether they are confident or nervous of making decisions and to see their real natures when relaxedJennie H, Epsom

I would like to find out what David Cameron is really like as a person and what goes on at private meetings he has with other members of the cabinet and political leaders from other countries. I would also like to see the rooms in the building and the décorElaine C, Edinburgh

'I would like to look behind the door of the White House'

“To observe how the most powerful and influential person in the world, and their staff, go about running the world's largest economy and military” Mark M, Glasgow

“I would really like to know what makes the American President tick, and to be a fly on the wall to hear what they get up to” Anon

The USA has long been suggested to be the world’s super power. I would like an insight into what it takes to govern a country as large as the USASandra G, Eastbourne

It’s one of the most well-known places that houses a high-power figure, and many deals have been made behind that doorAnon

“I haven't been there, and I'd like to know if it looks like it does when portrayed in movies!” Julie, Hampshire

I would want to see where the Kennedys did business, where Obama works, look at the decor, the historyMiss A, Wales

'I would like to look behind the door of the Moscow Kremlin's Senate Building'

Always been fascinated by it, it looks more interesting and forbidding than any other head of state's office” Anon

Downing Street seems rather dull and not that interesting. The Kremlin dates back to the time of the Russian Tsars and is a beautiful building, so I think it would be more interesting than the White House which is shown on TV a lot more anyway” Anon

It’s probably the most secretive I think; there's more dirt thereNick, Oldham

It's the country that holds the most mystery for meFiona C, Glasgow

I would like to see the planning behind the Russian State in actionMark R, Glasgow

Putin is hilarious, and he might be keeping a bear in there to wrestle when he gets boredAlice, Lancaster

Which official residence would you most like to see inside?

And who do you think is the most interesting world leader currently in power?