Britons oppose another national lockdown this winter

Connor IbbetsonData Journalist
September 24, 2021, 11:06 AM GMT+0

The public would support other restrictions but want pubs, schools, and the country to remain open

The return of national lockdown this winter has been a hotly debated topic, with ministers quick to shoot down rumours of one planned for the school half term in October, However, new reports suggest a full lockdown could be implemented in certain circumstances.

New YouGov polling for The Times examines attitudes towards introducing six restrictions in the event of increased cases numbers and hospitalisations this winter.

The results show that half of people (52%) would now oppose the introduction of another nationwide lockdown, even in a deteriorating coronavirus situation, with around a third (32%) of people in favour.

The progress of the vaccination programme has likely convinced many Britons that lockdowns are no longer appropriate. A similar survey from September 2020 – when case numbers were substantially lower than they are now – found 66% of people in favour of another national lockdown should cases continue to rise.

Conservative voters are the most likely to be opposed to another lockdown (59%) compared to around half of their Labour peers (48%). While 38% of Labour voters would be in favour of another lockdown, only 28% of Tories say the same.

Elsewhere another 52% of people would oppose the closure of schools. Approaching half (48%) don’t want pubs and restaurants to be closed again, while 38% would support closing hospitality again.

Britons would support other restrictions should cases rise, however, including 81% who would back the return of mandatory face coverings and 77% who would support the government issuing advice to work from home.

Despite being mothballed for now, and conflicting reports from government officials, some 67% of people would support the use of vaccine passports for large events this winter.

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