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April 30, 2012, 3:02 PM GMT+0

Public perceptions: New ad campaign fails to create much 'noise' as new TiVo Collections launch

Despite a high-profile controversial advertising campaign announcing its new TiVo service, Virgin Media has so far not had much of an impact creating 'noise' among British consumers, according to BrandIndex – YouGov's tool for measuring public perception of well-known brands.

Figures show that 'attention' levels (the amount consumers have heard about the brand) have remained at 22% both pre- and post-launch.

However, the sentiment of content being heard has improved ‒ with Buzz levels (what people are hearing about the brand) increasing from 4% to 10%, while perceptions of quality have improved the most, increasing by 5 points in the last few weeks.

'Collections' – and TV on demand

In recent weeks, Virgin Media has launched a new TiVo service, and also offered new 'bundles', called 'Collections', to make the most of the recording technology. In the new 'Collections', the updated broadband provider offers a digital TV service featuring Catch up TV, TV on Demand, basic HD and TiVo at no extra cost as standard.

Separate YouGov research has recently found that significant numbers of consumers ‒ especially younger adults ‒ now watch much of their TV through 'on demand' services.

The company's television advertisements for the new products faced a hiccup earlier this month, however, as one 'time-travelling' ad – explaining TiVo's recording abilities ‒ was pulled following the BBC’s concerns that it was using the Doctor Who brand as a promotional tool.

Can Tennant increase Attention?

Initially aired at primetime on Saturday 31st March, the ad featured actor and erstwhile Doctor Who David Tennant, along with Virgin founder and figurehead Richard Branson.

Following complaints from the BBC, Virgin Media removed the Doctor Who branding from the advert, but has now axed the advert and its YouTube campaign completely.

Three other ads featuring the big name figures were launched in April.

Star of stage, small and silver screen, Tennant is undeniably popular ‒ but it remains to be seen whether he can increase Attention for the brand as far as BrandIndex is concerned.

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