Britain’s best of 2019

Connor IbbetsonData Journalist
December 30, 2019, 3:05 PM GMT+0

YouGov reveals the celebrities, shows, and events that Brits enjoyed most in 2019

As 2019 draws to a close, some will be sad to see it go, others cannot wait for 2020. YouGov Omnibus has asked our panelists what they thought about the year, from the best to the worst events, their favourite actors and best music acts.

The best ten in each category were gathered from an initial, open, question in which respondents answered in their own words. A subsequent survey asked Britons to choose between the most popular answers from the first survey.

Biggest impact on world events in 2019

Despite being passed up for the TIME person of the year and facing impeachment, Donald Trump will take home one major award this year as the person Britons think has had the biggest impact for better or for worse on the world this year. Nearly a quarter (24%) of Britons say that Trump has had the greatest impact compared to 18% who said teenage climate activist and TIME person of the year winner Greta Thurnberg, closely followed by wildlife presenter and national treasure David Attenborough with 15%.

Best event or development in the world during 2019

Despite climate activists losing out on the top spot for biggest impact of the year, Britons say global increase in awareness of the impacts of climate change as the best development of 2019 with 26% of the vote share. This was followed by 15% who say the outcome of the 2019 December general election was the best, and in third place is the impeachment proceedings against US President Donald Trump with 8%.

Worst event or development in the world during 2019

In terms of the worst events of the year, Britons ranked terrorist attacks across the world as the worst thing to happen with 18% of the vote share, with fires across the Amazon Rainforest and knife crime in the UK coming joint second as worst events of the year with 14%.

Best film of 2019

Comic book movies top the list of Britons best films of the year, with Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame coming top with 13% of the vote, followed by DC Comic’s dark exploration of the origins of Batman’s arch nemesis, Joker, coming in second with 9%.

Best band or music act of the year

For a third year in a row, Ed Sheeran takes home the crown as Britons’ favourite music act with 11% of the vote, however Lewis Capaldi could have his sights set on dethroning Sheeran in 2020 after coming a very close second with 10% of the vote.

Best television programme of the year

Long running police drama Line of Duty is the best television programme of the year according to Britons, with 12% saying it was their favourite. Chernobyl, a mini-series focused on the 1986 nuclear disaster in Ukraine came a close second with 11% of the vote.

Best soap opera of the year

For a second year running, Britons have cited Coronation Street as their favourite soap with 9% of the vote, with Emmerdale a close second on 8% and London-based Eastenders at 6%.

Best reality television show of the year

A star studded cast and a famously saucy samba in the first week of the competition may have helped Strictly Come Dancing to win 15% of the vote and beat out tough competition from I’m a Celebrity to win best reality show of the year

Best Actor of 2019

2019 is the year of the Tom’s, with Tom Hardy and Tom Hanks tied for Britons favourite actor of 2019 with 8% of the vote each. David Tennant follows in second place with 7% of the vote.

Best Actress of 2019

Following her 2019 Oscar award for best actress, Olivia Colman takes home the title as Britons favourite actress of the year, for the second time in a row, with 10% of the vote. In second place is Maggie Smith, of Harry Potter and Downton Abbey fame.

Best television personality of the 2019

Also winning a title of a second year in a row, David Attenborough has won the title as Britons’ favourite television personality of the year with 25% of the vote, compared to Ant and Dec, and Bradley Walsh who tie for second place with 11% of the vote each.

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