Those aged 50 and over feel they are inaccurately portrayed in media and advertising

Ben GlanvilleHead of Data Services, UK & Growth Markets
October 26, 2017, 8:49 AM GMT+0

The vast majority of 50+s don’t believe their age group is accurately portrayed in the media or advertising, new YouGov Omnibus data reveals.

The research among the 50+s shows that 79% don’t think that media portrays them accurately, whether it be on television, radio or online. Just one in seven (15%) believe that they are portrayed accurately, while 7% don’t know.

It is a similar story when it comes to advertising where 68% of those aged 50+ think that adverts aimed at their age group do not accurately portray them. Just one in five (21%) reckon advertisements’ representations are accurate, while 12% don’t know.

Those aged 50 and over see the cosmetics industry as the worst offender when it comes to accurately representing the age group in advertising. Approaching to a fifth (18%) said adverts for beauty products least accurately portray older people, followed by ads for clothing and shoes (14%), and technology (14%).

By comparison, those aged 50+ think the health industry is most likely to accurately represent them and their peer group (13%), ahead of financial products (12%) and holidays (10%).

The research suggests that it is not just advertising that 50 and overs believe is not in-tune with their lives. Over two thirds (68%) of those aged 50+ say they are unconnected to present day popular culture, with around three in ten (29%) feel they are connected.

Those aged 50 and above represent about two fifths of the adult population of the UK and are a key audience. However, many feel disconnected about how they are spoken to and about in adverts and in the media – not feeling as though portrayals of this age group reflect them. This is clearly something that brands, broadcasters, and publishers should think about as the rewards of speaking more directly to this group could be significant.

Image: Getty