Brits are more likely to have one night stand on holiday

Ben GlanvilleHead of Data Services, UK & Growth Markets
June 19, 2017, 9:43 AM GMT+0

With the summer holiday season underway, new YouGov Omnibus research in conjunction with The Sun reveals Brits feel friskier on their travels.

People are more likely to have sex more than once a week when they’re on holiday than when they’re at home, according to our survey. At home, just over a third (34%) have sex up to 7 times a week, rising to almost half (47%) when they’re on holiday.

Whether it’s having less responsibility, the heat, or even just a change in surroundings, people appear to feel less inhibited abroad. Our findings show that 16% said that they were more likely to have a one night stand on holiday than at home, and almost one in ten (9%) have cheated on their partner whilst they’ve been on holiday.

Our survey also indicated that for some, exclusivity is not what they were after. Indeed, our survey showed that 12% said that they have had at least 2 partners in a single day.

In terms of alternative locations, the beach is a favourite place for many amorous couples, with nearly a third (31%) saying they’ve done the deed there.

But it’s not just the beach that entices Brits when they’re abroad. Over six in 10 (63%) say they have had sex outside, with popular locations including the swimming pool (12%) the sea (12%) and on a balcony (13%).

Whilst people seem to enjoy getting frisky in the sun, not every story has a happy ending. A small proportion (4%) believe that they have caught a sexually transmitted disease from a holiday romp, while 5% say they have injured themselves whilst having sex outside.

This article originally appeared in The Sun

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