How British fictional characters might vote: 2017 general election edition

Matthew SmithHead of Data Journalism
June 06, 2017, 4:00 PM GMT+0

Sir Humphrey Appleby and Jim Royle are seen as the most likely to vote Conservative and Labour respectively in our survey of how 30 fictional characters would vote on Thursday

With polling day just around the corner, YouGov has asked Brits how they think 30 fictional characters would vote at the general election. This follows from a similar survey conducted just ahead of the EU referendum that revealed Geraldine Granger (aka the Vicar of Dibley) and Basil Fawlty were Britain’s most pro-Remain and pro-Leave fictional characters.

The below figures are the proportion of Brits who think the fictional characters would vote for a party, i.e. they exclude those who say “don’t know” or “would not vote”.

Most likely to vote Conservative: Sir Humphrey Appleby (91%)

Yes Minister’s senior mandarin Sir Humphrey is overwhelmingly seen as a Conservative voter, with 91% of Brits with a view having him down as a Tory.

Other prominent Conservative voters included Keeping Up Appearances’ insufferable neighbour Hyacinth Bucket (87%) and James Bond (83%).

Most likely to vote Labour: Jim Royle (75%)

The Royle Family’s telly addict and serial couch potato Jim Royle is the character most seen as a Labour voter, according to 75% of those with a view. This is perhaps unsurprising given that the family are resident in the Labour stronghold of Manchester.

Other top Labour voters included Eastenders’ Pat Butcher (67%) and Bob the Builder (67%).

Most likely to vote SNP: Groundskeeper Willie (46%)

Although he has lived in America for most of his life, The Simpsons’ Groundskeeper Willie is an avowed Scottish nationalist. Almost half of those with a view seem to have picked up on this fact, with 46% saying they think Willie would vote for the SNP.

The only other character on the list who was seen as remotely likely to vote SNP was the Harry Potter series’ Professor McGonagall (at 11%).

Most likely to vote Green: Doctor Who (29%)

Everyone’s favourite Time Lord Doctor Who is the most likely to be a Green voter, with 29% of Brits with a view believing he would back the party.

It is worth pointing out that Doctor Who is also the character that Brits are most likely to believe wouldn’t vote (tied with Ali G at 19%). This is a fair shout, given that the Doctor does not appear to have a fixed abode in any constituency, and presumably fails to meet the voting requirements of being a British citizen or indeed a human being.

Other top Green voters were Mr Bean and Mary Poppins (both 23%, although Mr Bean is seen as slightly more likely to vote Conservative or Lib Dem, while people think Poppins is much more likely to vote Tory).

Most likely to vote Liberal Democrat: Bridget Jones (28%)

Technically three people – Bridget Jones, Geraldine Granger and Miranda – tied for first place in terms of the Lib Dem vote (at 28%), but we’ve given this one to Jones on the basis that the Vicar of Dibley and Miranda were both seen as marginally more likely to vote Labour.

Most likely to vote UKIP: Joannie “Nan” Taylor (24%)

The Catherine Tate Show’s foul-mouthed cockney pensioner is seen as the most likely to vote UKIP at 24%. (Although almost twice as many people believe she would be a Labour voter at 45%).

Other prominent ‘Kippers were Fawlty Towers proprietor Basil Fawlty (16%) and Del Boy (15%) – although, as with Nan, both were seen as more likely to vote for other parties.

Most likely to vote Plaid Cymru: Fireman Sam (14%)

Fireman Sam, the most famous resident of Pontypandy, was seen as the most likely to vote Plaid Cymru at 14% of people with an opinion. Nevertheless, Brits were far more likely to see Sam as a Labour voter (52%) – perhaps unsurprising given that public sector workers are more likely to vote for the party.

Postman Pat was the only other fictional character on the list seen as remotely likely to vote for Plaid Cymru, at 7%. Again, as with Fireman Sam, Pat is much more likely to be perceived as a Labour voter (51%).

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