Introducing YouGov@Cambridge

April 28, 2011, 8:25 PM GMT+0

Introducing YouGov@Cambridge:

A new forum for the bigger picture...

Everywhere the voice of consumers and social crowds is growing - to the point that we’re seeing an historic diffusion of power. Just as the world-stage seems increasingly short of a single predominant power or brand of consumer modernity, so the new global media-brain of networked consumers has become like a virtual superpower: sweeping away regimes; reordering the politics of whole regions; leaving great powers and global companies challenged by single online-leakers or citizen groups.

Against this backdrop, YouGov has teamed up with the Cambridge Department of Politics and International Studies (POLIS) to create a new kind of research-forum, uniting world experts and YouGov data in one place, so providing the combined tools to ‘survey’ and ‘interpret’ the bigger picture simultaneously.

In turn, it is our ambition to bring ‘headlights’ to an increasingly complex world, where global trends are ever less about what superpowers and superbrands 'do', and ever more about 'what the world thinks' – and how the two interact.

Click here to visit YouGov@Cambridge where you’ll find the latest analysis and commentary from Cambridge thinkers, YouGov analysts and a wealth of guest-experts on a range of national and international issues. Latest editorials from: David Blunkett; Charles Clarke; Baroness Perry; Baroness Neuberger; F.W de Klerk; Prof. Andrew Gamble (Head of Department - POLIS); Prof. Chris Hill and Dr Glen Rangwala.

(Dr Joel Faulkner Rogers is Director of YouGov@Cambridge and Stephan Shakespeare is Founder and CEO of YouGov)