Doubt for 'Big Society'

Anthony WellsHead of European Political and Social Research
February 15, 2011, 8:59 PM GMT+0

The latest voting intentions from our YouGov/Sun daily tracker poll have the Conservatives on 36%, Labour on 44% and the Liberal Democrats on 10%. Labour's lead still seems to be steadily growing, and is now averaging at 7 or 8 percent (in our Sunday Times poll at the weekend our poll showed Labour ahead by ten points for the first time).

Our poll yesterday re-asked some questions about the 'Big Society' that we first asked back in January. The increased focus on the Big Society in recent days has certainly not improved people's understanding of the policy, which has fallen even further. In January, 63% said they either did not understand the policy well or did not understand it at all - that has now grown to 72%. Only 24% of people say they understand it fairly or very well.

The principle of the Big Society is broadly approved of, with 49% of people saying it is a good idea. However, the overwhelming majority of people (71%) think the Government's policies to create a Big Society will not work in practice.

There is also widespread agreement with the idea that the Big Society is mainly being used as a cover for cuts - 58% agree with the statement 'The Big Society is mostly just hot air, and is being used as a cover for the Government while they cut investment in public services'.

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