Tories starting to suffer

Anthony WellsHead of European Political and Social Research
February 10, 2011, 9:40 PM GMT+0

Today's voting intention figures for the Sun have voting intention at Conservative 36%, Labour 43% and the Liberal Democrats at 10%.

Over the last week the Labour lead in our daily polls seems to have consolidated at around 7 points - at the end of last year our daily tracker was showing Labour ahead by around two points. Throughout January the lead was broadly consistent at five points, especially once the VAT rise at the beginning of the month had sunk in. In the first week of February, our polls have shown an average Labour lead of around seven points.

Notably the level of Conservative support has started to drop below the share of the GB vote they received at the General Election (37%). Up until now, while Labour had moved ahead in the polls this was largely at the expense of the Liberal Democrats, the Conservatives themselves seems to be holding their support. Prior to February, only one of our daily polls had shown the Conservatives below 37%. In February so far, four of our polls have shown the Conservatives at under 37%.

After eight months of the junior Coalition partners seeming to bear the brunt of the public's unhappiness, the Conservatives finally seem to be suffering.

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