Goldsmith closing the gap on Jowell in London mayoral race

August 13, 2015, 3:45 PM GMT+0

Conservative candidate Zac Goldsmith is now a serious contender in the London mayoral race – shrinking Tessa Jowell's lead from +16 to +6 since June

The bookies' odds have flickered between Tessa Jowell and Zac Goldsmith as favourites for the 2016 London mayoral race, but on average Goldsmith has had a small lead. New YouGov research for LBC reveals the Conservative candidate has narrowed the gap significantly on the Labour favourite since June, and has overtaken Sadiq Khan in hypothetical run-offs.

Tessa Jowell, the frontrunner in Labour's race, now has a 6 point lead over Zac Goldsmith. When asked who they would prefer as mayor if these were the options 53% of Londoners choose Jowell and 47% choose Goldsmith. In June her lead was +16, narrowing slightly to +14 in July.

The gap between Khan and Jowell on best Labour mayoral candidate has grown from 12 to 21 points since January, and any chance he had against Goldsmith in hypothetical run-offs has slipped away since June. Two months ago they were tied 50/50, but now Goldsmith enjoys an eight point lead.

Zac Goldsmith has faced no serious opposition as Conservative candidate, although 20% said former footballer Sol Campbell would have been the best Tory candidate in June. He didn't make the shortlist, however, and now the second favourite is current deputy mayor for policing and crime in London Stephan Greenalgh, with a distant 9% to Goldsmith's 79%.

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