Voting intention analysis

Anthony WellsHead of European Political and Social Research
December 14, 2010, 7:37 PM GMT+0

Today's voting intention figures show the Conservatives on 41%, Labour 42%, Lib Dem 9%.

Meanwhile, our regular economic trackers suggest the Government's strategy of laying the blame for the cuts in public spending wholly at the door of the previous Labour government is beginning to grow stale. Every fortnight YouGov asks who is most to blame for the cuts, Labour, the Coalition, both or neither.

When we started the tracker back in June, 17% thought the Coalition was mostly to blame, 48% thought the last Labour government was mostly to blame and 19% thought both were, meaning a total of 36% put some blame on the Coalition and 67% put some blame on Labour.

In our latest figures from yesterday's poll 23% of people blame the Coalition for the cuts, 41% Labour and 24% both. This means a total of 47% now blame the coalition, and 65% put some blame on Labour. The proportion of people thinking Labour are to blame for the cuts is largely unchanged, and the eyes of the public they remain more culpable than the Coalition, but the proportion of people thinking the Coalition Government share in that blame is creeping upwards.

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