Big boost in Labour's 'ready for government' rating

April 21, 2015, 8:43 AM GMT+0

In case further evidence was needed, it is here: Labour and Miliband have significantly advanced as a government-in-waiting

In a new YouGov poll for Red Box, I asked: "People often say that a leader of the opposition does or does not look like a prime minister in waiting – what about Ed Miliband?"

We asked the question in September last year and the answer was negative by 15% to 70%. Now it has improved to 27% and 56% – still firmly in negative territory.

However, at the same time, the rating for Labour as a whole as being "ready for government" has moved from net -35 to net -11.

Labour voters in particular have become more positive. Whereas in September only 38% believed he looked like a prime minister in waiting and 64% believed Labour was ready for government, those numbers are now 64% and 80%, respectively.

With Labour's lead in "values," the Tories' assumption that the British public would never trust Miliband with the big job is looking a bit shaky.

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