Voters believe Labour wants to behave responsibly on spending, but doubt it can succeed

April 15, 2015, 8:18 AM GMT+0

Most do think Labour at least "mean it" when they promise no additional borrowing

People credit Labour with good intentions. Their key message this week is that they can be trusted to behave responsibly on spending. Most people don't believe they will stick to their promise, but two thirds do believe they genuinely mean what they say.

In a new YouGov poll for Red Box, I asked: "Labour's manifesto says that 'Every policy in this manifesto is paid for. Not one commitment requires additional borrowing.' What do you think about this?"

We offered three options to choose from: 20% chose "Labour means this and in government will keep its promise". Some 47% thought "Labour means this now but would not in practice be able to keep its promise". Just 17% thought "Labour doesn't mean this".

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