How the 'don't knows' might vote

April 09, 2015, 9:52 AM GMT+0

The 'don't knows' are unlikely to vote on May 7 – but we asked them to decide anyway

People sometimes get excited about "the voters who have not yet made up their mind" - depending how you ask the question, you can show a significant proportion are "yet to decide". The truth is that those who tell pollsters they "don't know" are unlikely to be voters on May 7.

But not wishing to leave any stone unturned, a new YouGov poll for the Times Red Box asked the "don't knows" to make a decision here and now – "forced choice," as we call it. We didn't actually "force" a choice so half still declined, leaving us with a tiny sample of just 93 people who now revealed their secret thinking. A total of 29 per cent chose Labour, 19 per cent plumped for the Conservatives, 21 per cent for UKIP, 13 per cent for the Greens and just 10 per cent for the Lib Dems.

My own guess is that the only significant source of change we're likely to see in the next four weeks is a few more Ukippers and Greens returning to Labour and the Conservatives.

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