Campaign improves honesty and positivity ratings

April 07, 2015, 9:46 AM GMT+0

Over the past two months many of the parties have improved their images on honesty and positivity

Until recently, people have complained that the election campaign is narrow, negative and boring. The last TV debate dispelled some of that, with early signs that ratings of the party leaders have gone up instead of down.

A new poll for the Times Red Box, conducted prior to last Thursday's leaders debate, shows that over the past two months four parties have increased perceptions of their honesty.

The Conservatives have moved from net -29% 'honest' to net -19% 'honest' (an improvement of net +10%); Labour have improved by net +6%, the Lib Dems by net +13% and UKIP by net +17%. Only the Greens have failed to advance, at net -1% change.

The Greens, however, are the only ones seen as overall honest (net +10%); the Conservatives, Labour and LibDems are almost indistinguishable at net -19% to -20%, and Ukip are more-or-less halfway between (at net -13%).

The poll also finds that every party except the Greens have improved their credentials on positivity. The Conservatives, who have recently been urged to increase the positivity of their campaign, are the only party, along with the Greens, to be seen as overall positive (net +3%), an improvement on net -3% in February.

Labour still tend to be seen as running a negative campaign, although this has improved from net -15% to net -10%. The Lib Dems have shifted perceptions from net -20% to net -12%.

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