More voters believe taxes will rise under Labour

March 26, 2015, 10:02 AM GMT+0

The argument on taxes is well under way. What do people think differentiates the two main parties?

In a new YouGov poll for Red Box, nearly all completed before yesterday's exchange at PMQs, we asked: "If there is a Labour-led government with Ed Miliband as prime minister after the election, do you think taxes in general would go up, go down, or stay about the same?"

43% said they would go up and 8% said they would go down - but for the Conservatives only 29% thought they would go up and 11% down.

We then asked the same question for other taxes: Income tax: Labour net up (ie percent "up" minus percent "down") 34, Conservatives net up 7; VAT: Lab net up 12, Conservatives net up 27; Tax on petrol & diesel: Lab net up 32, Conservatives net up 26 National Insurance: Lab net up 33, Conservatives net up 23

It is noteworthy that Ed Balls's assurances on not raising VAT appears to have had a strong effect, with Conservatives actually being seen the tax-raisers here.

We will, of course, repeat these questions later in the campaign and see if the politicians can shift these perceptions.

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