Half support Labour's tuition fee cut

March 03, 2015, 9:01 AM GMT+0

Voters tend to think the change will benefit high-earning graduates more than others

Support for Labour's new tuition fees policy has dropped since we first measured it directly after Friday's announcement. Following an onslaught of negative media coverage, 49% are now in favour and 31% against.

The main thrust of the attack has been that the policy only helps better-off students, and the response to our follow-up questions show that this critique has been somewhat effective: we asked: "From what you have seen or heard about the proposed cut to tuition fees, do you think the following groups would be better or worse off financially, or would it make no difference to them?"

Net 37% of the public think that students who go on to earn a very high salary will be better off under the new policy; for students who go on to an average salary it's net 26, and for students who only achieve a low salary, it's down to net 22.

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