Voters support ban on second jobs for MPs

February 25, 2015, 9:09 AM GMT+0

The nation is overwhelmingly against its parliamentary representatives having "second jobs", according to a new YouGov poll for Red Box

Only 26% of people thought "some MPs continuing to do second jobs like medicine, law or running a business keeps them in touch with ordinary people, and is better than having a House of Commons made up of just full-time politicians" (although it is worth noting this is up from 21% in July 2013).

This compares with 60% who think "MPs should be working full-time on their main job representing their constituency, they are already well-paid and MPs taking second jobs risks conflicts of interest or corruption".

By a margin of two to one, people support a ban on MPs holding second jobs. Tomorrow we will see in greater detail just which paid extra-parliamentary activities are believed to be acceptable.

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